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Date: 1/4/2002
Client Name: David Simpson
Phone: 067-983768362

Address: 1234 Your St.
City, State/Province ZIP code

Username: xxxxx
Password: yyyyyyyyyyyyy

Amount of Site Analysis: 15 pages for $39.95
Paid by: Personal Check #xxxx


***** Excellent
**** Good
*** Slightly flawed
** Barely passable
* Needs major work

The Areas of Study:

HTML Coding: **
Overall Design: ****
Browser Compatibility: *****
Screen Resolution Compatibility: ****
Popularity of the site: *
Loading Time: ****
Navigation: *****
Dead Links: *****
clearness: ***

Please see the following pages for my in depth explanation of each area of study followed by my suggestions.

HTML Coding: **

Definition: The HTML code structure of your web page.
Findings: I found some serious flaws in the meta tags of your page. These flaws are what is keeping your site from being read and accepted by the Search Engines properly. Whoever you used to register your site and create your meta tags should be fired.
Other than the meta tags, the rest of your code is fine.

Recommendation: You could use my Meta Tag and Submission services.
Meta Tag Generation: $9.95
You could also try it on your own if you are strapped for cash. There are lots of free html advice pages out there.
Overall Design: ****

Definition: The basic "look" and feel of your web page, artistically speaking.
Findings: The design is very good. I found no problems.
Recommendation: Have you considered the same basic look, only in shades of green? Green portrays a more "wildlife" or "earthy" feel, plus is known psychologically to remind people of money. Perhaps subliminally sending out messages of art purchases?

Browser Compatibility: *****

Definition: How your web page looks in various browser types and versions.
Findings: Excellent. I had no problems viewing your pages in Internet Explorer 4.0 - 5.0 and Netscape 3.0 - 4.6.
Recommendations: None.
Screen Resolution Compatibility: ****

Definition: How your site looks at different monitor screen settings.
Findings: Perfect in anything over 800x600. However, the top frame is cut in half when viewed in 640x480.
Recommendation: Change the frame size slightly at the top to take up a little less space.

Popularity: *

Definition: How many times your page appears in the search engines and your basic hit count.
Findings: Your popularity problem stems from your bad meta tags, but there is more to it than just that.
Recommendation: See HTML Code recommendation.
You also need to start a Link and Webring page(s). Trade links with other artists, school and organizations and any place else related to your web site. Do this a lot. Do this immediately. Do this frequently. Linking to other sites not only gets you more traffic, but will raise your standing in the search engines. This means you will be higher up on the result page when someone is searching for wildlife art.
Study how to add your site to these rings by going to the main ring page of each of these rings.
You can do it for free yourself, or hire me to do it for you.
You should also consider starting your own Newsletter.
People can add themselves to your newsletter for free and you can tell them of any new artwork you have on your site. This way you can collect a list of interested buyers.
Don't forget about the regular media, such as newspapers, magazines, brochures and business cards. Announce your site to your local Newspapers. Print your URL on all your paper media.
If you desire, I can launch a full-scale on-line media campaign for you. Please contact me for details and prices.
Final Note: No matter what anyone ever tells you, there is no "overnight success" or "get rich quick" methods. Even on the Net and even doing all the right things, it still takes time.

Load Time: ****

Definition: How fast your web site loads with a 28.8 modem.
Findings: Main front page loads in 12 seconds. Excellent!
Thumbnail pages load in about 20 seconds. Superb!!!
Recommendation: None

Navigation: *****

Definition: How easy or difficult it is for the basic user to find their way around your site.
Findings: The pages are clearly marked whatever page you are on. The frames, in this case, is a very good idea.
Recommendation: None.

Dead Links: *****

Broken images or links that don't work.
Findings: I found no dead links or broken images.
Recommendation: None.

Clarity: ***

Definition: Spelling, grammar and getting your message across.
Findings: It wasn't clear who you are or exactly what you wanted to tell people about your site. It was obvious that the visitor was about to view some wildlife art, but not that it was for sale. It doesn't become apparent until the third page in when the viewer can see the thumbnails.
I found no problems with your spelling or grammar.
Recommendation: I suggest a sentence or two on this page, about what this web page is about. Something like "These are the school works of Jest International. His work is for sale to interested purchasers. Please select a page above to view his work and prices. Please e-mail him with any questions."
You can say whatever you like, but you get the idea.
I also strongly recommend an "About the performer" page. People really need to feel they are dealing with a human being, not a computer screen. They actually want to know what makes artists tick. It's a fascinating subject to those who aren't artists.


I also recommend you replace your .pdf order page with a simple html page they can print out.
People will have to download Acrobat Reader in order to print out your order page. The more steps you make the customer take to buy your work, the less inclined they are to buy it. Make it as simple as possible.
Down the road when you have the money, I also recommend buying an on-line credit card service. This will increase your sales on-line about 40%. I use Total Merchant Services at http://www.recommended

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