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Extra Services

Site Analyses

Price: $39.95 per 15 web pages.

Do you have web site and not certain what you require, however you know it wants something? I'll write up an in-depth report on your site's popularity, a dead link test, your site ranking with the top 10 search engines, a spelling check, and an HTML code analyses. I'll also check the load time of your site, find broken images and write up my professional artistic opinion of your graphics, layout and navigation. I'll finalize it with recommendations for improvement. Click here to view a Sample Report!

Logo Creation

Price: $79.95

Use my newest graphic software to generate a professional logo for your company that gets your noticed. This logo can be used on your letterhead, business cards, envelopes and any other media.

The logo is a standard graphic of your choosing complete with your company slogan or subtext. More complicated logos can be custom designed for you. E-mail for a price quote.

SPECIAL OFFER ! Purchase any service over $295.95 and the custom logo is absolutely free!

Meta Tag Generation

Price:$ 9.95

Search engines don't know you exist? You've entered your URL and they still won't list you? Let me add or overhaul your Meta Tags. Meta tags are hidden strings of HTML code that only search engine robots can see and read. They read these tags to find how to list you. For example, if you sell widgets and a customer looking to buy widgets enters "widgets" in a search engine, the search engine will look for all sites containing meta tags with the keyword "widget" in it. If it's not listed in your site, you won't be found by the search engine or the buyer.

Search Engine Submissions

Price: Varies on amount of engines
Up to 10: $49.95
Repeat after 6 months: $29.95 additional

Your attractive web site is nothing if no one know how to find you. Search engine registration AND placement is essential for you to be found on the Internet! It's not good enough just to simply add your URL to a search engine and then disregard about it. If your site isn't listed on at least the first three pages, you can forget about being found.

In order to get listed and have a high position, you must have properly positioned Meta Tags in your web site. If you are not sure if your Meta Tags are there or in place properly, I suggest you purchase my Meta Tag Service above before you purchase this service.

The ways I submit sites are as follows: I submit to the top 100 sites by hand. I don't use any outside service or generic submission forms for these all important search engines. 90% of all other search engine submission services do, and you end up with less than adequate results. Examples of these important search engines include Yahoo!, Google, Infoseek,Hotbot, Excite, Lycos, AOL Search, MSN Search and several others.

NB: I cannot absolutely guarantee that you will be added by every search engine out of these 100 search engines . Each engine is different and they all have their different criteria and agendas that are often beyond anyone's control. It often takes several weeks for them to get around to adding your URL as it is.

Site Maintenance

Price: $20.00 per hour.

Need some extra graphics made? Want an extra form or need one changed? Keeping your site updated regularly is a great way to keep visitors coming back for more. It's also crucial to keep up with the fast pace of the Internet and to keep your site looking brand new and cutting edge. Your most loyal clients are your repeat customers. Don't lose them by seeming like you ignore your own site!

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